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Victor Rodriguez

Operations Director

His Story

Victor has over a decade of experience in the BPO industry and is well-known for his ability to deliver effective solutions to complex business challenges and drive positive results. He has developed strong skills in problem-solving, risk management, and finances, and is always focused on driving customer satisfaction and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Victor is committed to excellence in everything he does and is constantly seeking new challenges to help him grow both personally and professionally. Whether he's leading a team, managing operations, or developing business strategies, he always strives to achieve the best possible outcomes and exceed expectations.

His educational background includes a High School Diploma and Bachelor's Degree in Informatics, as well as a Professional Technician certification in Informatics. He has also completed training in Human Relations and Customer Service, as well as Protocol and Ethics. Additionally, Victor has earned several certifications from Microsoft, including certifications in SharePoint, Excel, and Power Automate.

Throughout his career, Victor has held a variety of positions in the BPO industry, including Senior BPO Manager, Account Manager, Operations Manager, Supervisor, Sales Manager, Operations Supervisor, and Senior Customer Service Representative. In each of these roles, he has leveraged his skills and experience to drive results and make a positive impact on the organizations he has worked with.

Overall, Victor is a dedicated and experienced professional who is passionate about the BPO industry and committed to delivering outstanding results for his clients and customers.


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